When you decide to share your challenge with us, your start-up process is one phone call away. You’ll be speaking to our Business Development Manage, who will take you through our fast, efficient 6-step start-up process:


  1. You are assigned to development manager:

    When you call, we will listen to all the details related to your project and document them for lining up meeting with the development manager. To protect your ideas, we’ll be sending a Non-disclosure agreement to sign.

  2. Detail review meeting:

    A detailed Review meeting can be scheduled as quickly as the next business day- if needed.  You will take part in a meeting with customer representative and a Senior Development Manager where project details and the key points that may be critical for the success of the project are thoroughly discussed and documented.

  3. Proposal submission:

    GeoViz shares the statement of work for your approval.

  4. Formal project kick-off:

    A couple of days before the project start date you will receive an email explaining the full details related to project management.
    Upon acceptance of the statement of work, we email you the paperwork and invoice for advance payment. Once the service agreement is signed and the invoice is cleared, we share the formal project kick-off date. Your selected team will be fully briefed with all the project details to guarantee productivity from  day one. If you have shared the software code, the teams will start to study that as well.

  5. The Geoviz difference:

    We are in the business with a long term vision. For us, the job has just begun. During the project, you’ll have access to your Development Manager, whenever you need us. And, once the project is finished, our support staff help you with further queries


Contact us now to schedule a comprehensive review and start your project.


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