To develop a SAAS plaform capable of handling all the EDI standards. ANSI X.12, DIFACT Mapping, cXML, xCBL, OpenTRANS, chemXML, SAP-XML, ebXML, RosettaNet, UBL, Tradacoms, EDIFACT, CEFIC – Chemical, GS1 eCOM EANCOM – Retail, EDIBDB – Construction, EDIFICE – High Tech Industry, EDIFURN – Furniture, EDIGAS – Gas, EDILEKTRO – Electro
EDILIBE – Books, EDITEC – Sanitary, EDITEX – Fashion, EDIFOR/EDITRANS – Transports & Logistics, EDIWHEEL – Wheels & Tires, ETIS – Telecommunication, STAR – Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail, SPEC2000 (Airline Industry), FORTRAS – Transports & Logistics


Omni EDI  was developed from grounds up with user friendly customization capabilities which makes it practically compliant to any EDI standard.


The customer was able to enter the market with a next generation solution for the industry on-time and within budget.

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