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Java Enterprise – we specialize in

Java Enterprise Applications J2EE (Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, Web Services), Spring, Groovy, Vaadin, & more.

Web development(Spring MVC, Struts, HTML5, CSS, JSF, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, & AngularJS)

Desktop Applications(Swing, SwingX, iReport, & BERT etc.)

Database Access(Hibernate, JDBC, & Java Persistence API)

Some Applications We Developed

A glimpse of wide range of Java-based applications that we have developed in different industrial sectors:

Financial & Billing Applications

Java Architecture & Design

Responsive Web Portals

E-commerce Websites

Bulk Mailing Systems

Automated Messaging Applications

Online Faxing Solutions

Property Management System

VoIP Applications

Mobile Gaming & Entertainment Apps

Business Process Management

Payment Automation

Plug-ins Development

Enterprise Service implementation

KIOSK Embedded Application Development

Recommender Systems

MapReduce Customized Solutions (Hadoop)

Spark Customized Solutions